Outdoor health benefitsOutdoor Health Benefits With High-Tech Wander Management

There’s just something about being outside.  It makes us feel energized, refreshed, centered and alive. That is why Geoangel offers an alternative to  Wander Management that is Geography based, allowing residents to unlock Outdoor Health Benefits. Several research studies have shown that simply being in nature helps to reduce cortisol levels (a stress marker), improves immunities, helps create Vitamin D as well as fights depression and anxiety.  There is also a connection between physical activity and brain function. But as we age, spending time in the great outdoors can present its own set of challenges.  Seniors may struggle with mobility and worries about falling; causing some to avoid what they see as an increased risk for fatigue or loss of balance on an unfamiliar surface.  Seniors may also feel frustration with not being able to pursue their outdoor interests as they once had.  Rather than enjoying time on the patio, seniors may fret over no longer feeling able to mow, garden or rake.  Another challenge may be one of forgetfulness or confusion.  In the early stages of dementia, a person may cling to familiar places and spaces to help bridge feelings of worsening disorientation.  This may lead seniors, or those who love them, to remain inside rather than venturing out.

Outdoor health benefits for everyone, doctor’s orders!

For seniors who find their mobility to be lessened, time outside can be exactly what the doctor ordered!  Research shows that exercising in an outdoor setting makes the efforts feels easier as well as the general benefits of physical movements and cardiovascular exertion.  Walks outside are a definite improvement from spending too much time indoors, remaining inactive. For those who regret feeling unable to participate in outdoor activities that they used to, consider how that activity might be reimagined.  For the gardener who may have trouble kneeling to work in traditional beds, consider an elevated or raised bed.  This will allow seniors to continue to enjoy gardening without the worry of kneeling and rising.

Geoangel Wander Management – Independence and Safety.

When problems with confusion prevent seniors from going out of doors, consider how to allow them maximum freedom while still ensuring safety.  Walking with friends, taking part in a walking club or using secured outdoor spaces are options to help continue mobility even when confusion is an issue.  Another option uses technology to promote independence while ensuring safety. Geoangel offers location monitoring as well as geofencing that allows seniors to continue to lead active, healthy and happy lives despite challenges that arise with age.  There IS a better way to maintain independent, activity and safety.

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